Bathroom accessories

When design is home

With its latest Downtown Collection, Signorini has chosen to enrich their range of articles by proposing for the first time the main accessories to complete the bathroom. Simplicity, design, and durability are the key words that guided the design of the 5 accessories: towel rail, roll holder, hanger for bathrobes and towels, and control plate and brush for the WC. Five simple accessories that become decorative objects in their everyday simplicity.

Once again, Signorini started out with a careful search for forms and materials in order to create accessories that enclose style and design in their extreme functionality. Shaping an idea into an innovative and balanced form: this is what the company, then as well as now, has sought through experience, creativity, and ongoing research. Thanks to its solid roots, Signorini is able to face the challenge of contemporaneity with experience and innovation to achieve excellence in the “Made in Italy” brand. The bathroom accessories have been treated as elegant forms, and use materials that are precious. Both complete the Signorini philosophy of enriching our living spaces, here the bathroom area, with precious details. Form and design provide evolved solutions for contemporary living.