Signorini, in a punctuation mark lies a cultural, management and operative transformation. A sign that separates and connects, clarifi es and sets apart. The extreme precision of those who choose the technical language, a concept that exalts and values the search for essentiality across the board. Through memory and future, through history and current events: our history is our future. An industrial reality operating on the market since 1923: Signorini’s one is the history of inventors of ideas that turn into innovative and well-balanced forms, objects both technically and technologically close to perfection, expression of creativity and intelligence, signs able to turn themselves into history. A 90 years-long path of experimentation that Company has made giving great attention to the market demands. Thanks to its solid roots, Signorini is able to face the contemporaneity challenge, fi rmly believing in its own signifi cant wealth of experiences. In a sign lies indeed a strong communicative value, a symbolic representation of its industrial language renovation, a new manufacturing adventure, a rigorous way to conceive the factory.

1923. On February 21st 1923, Manuel Izquierdo and Pietro Signorini stood before the Florentine notary Dr. Gargani to found the ordinary partnership company Izquierdo & Signorini, located in Giotto road, in Florence.

1949. The years of Italy’s Reconstruction represent a period of strong growth and development; so much so that in 1949 the ordinary partnership is dissolved and, in its place, a new joint-stock company, Pietro Signorini & Figli, is founded.

1955. In 1955, Vezio and Adolfo, Pietro’s sons, the founder, join the Company. They represent Signorini’s new generation, giving new stimulus to the various activities, starting with the construction of a new factory: large, modern, and fully in step with the times, complete with cafeteria, services, parking facilities, dedicated production areas, warehouses, a logistics department, new technologies, and, consequently, new, fi rstrate product quality.

1970. Expansion and the search for total quality continue into the 60s and 70s with innovations in procedures, technologies and strategies. Company establishes and strengthens its position on the main rapidly-expanding markets worldwide, gradually introducing forefront design contents, alternative technologies and new materials, in order to respond to the demands of a market that is undergoing a deep change, to a new and diff erent conception of the bathroom, and to the appearance of an informed, more and more demanding consumer.

1980. Starting from the 80s, the function of the bathroom deeply changes: from an utility area to a cult place. Taps and fi ttings took their rightful place as trendy, furnishing items; production is revolutionized to make way for design and processing aligned with the new lifestyles and new consumer needs. Design, technology, research and experimentation now become the main contents of an original product.

2000-today. The production facility, fully renovated in 2006, keeps on managing the entire production cycle, affi rming the worldwide standing enjoyed by Made in Italy products. Leading this intuitive, versatile company is today Mauro Del Conte, Vezio Signorini’s nephew. When he joined the company in 1980, he picked up old Pietro’s torch and now carries it proudly as testimony to a dream begun ninety years ago.

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