our history

Signorini Rubinetterie is an industrial reality launched on the market Since 1923. The Story of Signorini is a Story of Ideas which become innovatives and balanced forms, technically perfect objects, expression of creativity. Something able to become History, A trial and research path which last from almost one hundread years and which the Company has managed with a wide attention to the needs and requests of the market. Thankfull to its strong origins , Signorini is able to face the contemporaneity with the strenght of a significative experiences baggage.


On February 21st 1923, was found the Izquierdo and Signorini Company, located in Giotto Road in Florence.



The years of Italy's reconstruction represent a period of strong growth so much that in 1949 the ordinary partnership is dissolved and a new joint-stock Company, Pietro Signorini & Figli Spa, is founded.


In 1955 Vezio and Adolfo, Pietro's sons, the founder , join the Company. They represent Signorini's new generation, giving new stimuòus and energies to the activities. New is the quality of the products and new is the factory: large, modern and fully in the step with the time, complete with cafeteria, services, parking facilities, dedicated production areas, warehouses, logistics department, new technologies and consequently new product quality.


Expansion and the search for a total quality continue into the 60s and 70s with innovation procedures, technologies and strategies. The company establishes its position on the main Markets, gradually introducing desing contents, alternative technologies and new materials, in order to respond to the demands of the market that is undergoing a deep change, to a new and different conception of the bathroom and to the appearance of a more and more demanding consumer.


Starting from the 80s the function of the Bathroom deeply changes: from an utility area it becomes a cult place. The taps took their right place as trendy and furnishing items. The production changes to make way to the Design and processing aligned with the new lifestyles and new consumer needs. Design, Technlogies and research noe bcome the main contents of an original products. At this time , Mauro Del Conte – Vezio Signorini's Nephew ,join the Company and still now carries it proudly the dream begun in 1923.



Signorini renews itsself in 2006 when it moves from its hystorical factory of Squarcialupi road in Florence to the very close industrial area of Prato ( 3 kms far from Florence) in a 3000 mq Factory which is still its new plant.

2011 - today

In 2011 the staff is renewed and the path of change and renewal of the company begins, which however keeps Signorini's production philosophy unchanged and the mission: to pursue excellence in product quality and business processes. The factory continues to manage the entire production cycle internally, affirming its importance into the Made in Italy world.